Mr. Don Eckhart

Vice President Accounting Analyst Lead


I have attended Sustainable Value Alliance's workshops and conferences led by Dr. Aarti Sharma. Dr. Sharma is a very engaging public speaker. She uniquely frames sustainable development as an opportunity for businesses to drive long lasting prosperity and create a healthier planet. Dr. Sharma’s in-depth knowledge of sustainable business leaves seminar attendees eager to understand and address complex challenges in their organization.

Mr. Jeremy Manion

Business Development Manager & Environmental Solutions Specialist

Office Depot Inc.

I have had the privilege to attend workshops and webinars organized by Dr. Aarti Sharma, Managing Director of Sustainable Value Alliance, including the one she organized for the Institute of Industrial Engineers. 

Dr. Aarti Sharma’s approach to sustainable supply chain management strategies is extremely novel and has yielded incredible results in a variety of domains. She not only clearly articulates the rational aspects of implementing sustainable practices, but also the human side of sustainability (aka, organizational culture). Her easy delivery style keeps you engaged and translates complex information digestible for those with limited background in this field. Her research has inspired me to apply pertinent aspects of her framework to my research in one of the world’s most complex supply chains.

Schneider Electric is the global leader in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries. We offer integrated energy solutions for utilities, buildings, homes, schools, factories, or hospitals.

Sustainable Value Alliance's SEE Summit in 2015 on Corporate Sustainability brought together a community of like minded companies and organizations with a learning-packed agenda and strong speakers. I am looking forward to the next one.

Mr. Marc Lane


The Law Offices of Marc J Lane, P.C.
President and Director,

Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago

Mr. Yann Kulp

Vice President-Smart Space USA
Schneider Electric


The world is changing—and smart leaders, innovative companies, and effective markets are leading the change. The SEE Summit is a vital forum for all these parties to come together and collaborate on global, sustainable solutions.

Mr. Evan Harvey

Director-Corporate Responsibility


Formulation and implementation of sustainable business strategies is proving to be not merely a management science, but also an intricate art form, which has been mastered by Dr. Aarti Sharma. I benefitted from Dr. Sharma’s leadership and direction as her graduate student in the University of South Florida’s College of Business. Using a wide array of business case studies, analyses, and group discussions and activities, Dr. Sharma helped us understand and appreciate the business and competitive logic of sustainability for corporations, and which sustainable business strategies worked and which did not, and more importantly, “why.” Her unique ability to see through complex business environments, unravel the intricate connection between sustainability and profitability, and convey a simpler message of sustainable competitive advantage to her students piqued the interest of the entire class. She has motivated us to become the brand ambassadors of sustainable business practices and influence our company and industry through our managerial interventions. Dr. Sharma’s passion has instilled in me a sense of pride in my industry and our ability to make change. 

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Dr. Sreekanth Ramakrishnan

Client Experience Program Manager


Dr. Aarti Sharma, the Founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Value Alliance LLC. is an exceptional thought leader with a remarkable breadth of knowledge in both sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Her talents, her passion, and her commitment distinguish her, and I would recommend her to clients without reservation.

Dr. Arup Basu

President-New Business & Innovation Center

Tata Chemicals

Sustainable Value Alliance is uniquely geared to offer strategic consulting and training on sustainable business innovations, corporate sustainability and sustainable development to corporations who want to build their sustainability agenda not only in developed countries like the USA, but also in developing countries like India.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the subject of sustainability, it is challenging to find practitioners like Dr. Aarti Sharma, the Managing Director of Sustainable Value Alliance, with demonstrated depth across the scale and scope of the canvas. Dr. Sharma has an abiding interest in sustainability and is dedicated to sustainable development and sustainable value creation. She imaginatively uses innovations that have had a positive social impact to build knowledge based awareness and offer strategic advice on sustainability.