Wounded Veterans participating in the 2015 Military Sports Camp organized by the Wounded Heroes Foundation and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago


Marsang is learning to speak in Nepali. She is busy with her antics, including playing with her new adopted mother (Ms. Beverly Bronson, President and CEO of House With Heart). She seems to be having lots of fun growing up and enjoying her new life with her new adopted family! 

In August 2015, two year old Marsang’s mother was killed in the Earthquake. Her father was unable to take care of Marsang and gave her up. House With Heart adopted Marsang and has been taking care of her since then. Marsang did not speak or understand Nepali (Nepalese language) at that time. Her family spoke another local dialect. 

Sustainable Value Alliance LLC., partners with the Wounded Heroes Foundation, a Chicago-based not-for-profit agency, to support and thank wounded men and women of US Armed Forces who have selflessly served our nation and citizens.

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Once abandoned by their family, now these children at the House of Heart have the gift of family, food and education.

Empowering Abandoned Children and Victims of 2015 Earthquake in Nepal 

In 2015, Sustainable Value Alliance LLC. instituted the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund to help the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal. The money donated in the Sustainable Value Alliance Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund by our friends from across the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland and New Zealand, was offered to support the efforts of the "House with Heart" that has been affected by the series of earthquakes in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Wounded Heroes Foundation is committed to helping meet the needs of these wounded heroes and their families during the difficult recovery time by offering physical, emotional and financial support. 

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Sustainable Value Alliance LLC., is committed to improving the health and well-being of disenfrachised children who are deprived of basic life necessities, including food, clothing, shelter and education. We are also committed to providing relief and assistance to victims of natural environmental disasters. 

In addition to our financial contributions, Sustainable Value Alliance LLC., volunteers in programs organized by the Wounded Heroes Foundation. We also promote the message of serving our wounded veterans through various platforms.

"House with Heart" is a local charitable organization in Nepal that provides loving care, food, shelter and family environment to abandoned kids in Kathmandu. The Sustainable Value Alliance Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund is being used in 2016 to cover the full school tuition expenses of 20 children who were previously abandoned by their family, and are now adopted by the House with Heart. 

Charitable Solutions for Empowering Marginalized Citizens

Sustainable Value Alliance LLC., is actively engaged in philanthropic efforts within and outside the USA. We have been utilizing our knowledge, resources, network, power and means to help other citizens, especially those who are deprived, in desperate need and are battling with difficult life circumstances. We are grateful for the privileges that we enjoy and are committed to our efforts of creating a better world. 

Empowering the Wounded Warriors in the USA