Sustainability Advisory, Communications, Training & Capacity Development Services

The workshops and training programs are designed keeping in mind the corporate sustainability agenda for businesses and are aimed to build corporate sustainability leadership capacity of executives working in the developed and developing country contexts.

Annual Sustainable Energy & Economy (SEE) Summit TM

Sustainable Value Alliance is committed to raising awareness on corporate sustainability strategies, and energy, environmental, economic and social policies that create sustainable corporations, communities, cities and nations. Every year we organize 

our flagship sustainability event "The Sustainable Energy & Economy (SEE) Summit". In addition, we conduct corporate sustainability executive leadership development workshops and sustainability training programs.

We design training programs for corporate executives at senior or middle management level, on specific environmental, economic and social sustainability issues that are material to a corporation's innovation, legitimacy, growth and  competitive advantage.

The 1st Annual SEE Summit

Detroit, September 30, 2014

Sustainability Awareness & Leadership Development Solutions

The 2nd Annual SEE Summit 

Chicago, October 27, 2015

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The SEE Summit speakers are globally recognized leaders who are committed to corporate sustainability and sustainable development. They share their realistic vision and strategies, and practical experience of sustainability successes and challenges. Through their strategic leadership, they are playing a critical role in inspiring others in taking the necessary steps required to transition towards a more sustainable economy.

​​Sustainable Value Alliance launched the Sustainable Energy & Economy (SEE) Summit in 2014. Being held annually in Chicago, the SEE Summit has emerged as one of the prominent platforms of dialogue and engagement for sustainability in North America. The goals of the Summit are to raise greater awareness on sustainability and foster deeper stakeholder relationships for sustainable development. The Summit has been engaging national leaders from different industries and sectors, and facilitating deeper dialogue on some of the complex energy and environmental challenges and opportunities confronting corporations, governments and communities.

Sustainability Strategy Training & Leadership Workshops for Executives